Me. In a nutshell.

It all started with a crayon.

At the ripe age of 3, my overly-worked (and overly-trusting) parents, set out some construction paper and a box of crayons on the kitchen table and left me to my own devices. With a burnt orange crayon in my hand, and the wall as my canvas, I quickly expressed my interest in going bigger than a letter-sized sheet would allow me.   

From there in after I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life... No, I was not interested in becoming a lawyer, or a doctor, or even a stockbroker...I wanted to be an ARTIST. While my parents would have preferred one of the latter professions, I knew that in order to live the life that I wanted, I needed to pursue a career that would allow me to keep on creating beautiful things. And get paid to do so.  

Fast forward 20 years from the "crayon incident", I graduated from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. Long story slightly shorter, I was fortunate enough to win an art contest put on by Cline Cellars in Sonoma, California, to create a painting of a 1950's truck for their White Truck wine. The prize of $1,000 and 5 cases of the finished wine was more than most recent art school grads could ask for--until I was offered a job as their in-house graphic designer. I was elated, and nervous - wine was intimidating. But with a great mentor, I fell immediately smitten with the industry and lifestyle. 

A few years later I moved onto Benziger Family Winery where I became the lead designer and Creative Services Manager. We were a small, but mighty team, providing me the opportunity to expand my skills and interests into the digital strategy side of design for business. After 7 awesome years at Benziger, I moved onto The Republic of Tea where I continued to hone my skills in print design and production, as well as all things digital including: designing and coding emails, and blog content creation.  

Most currently, I spend my days dreaming up content for clients, and buttering up designers to help me execute on my vision. The agency hustle at Elite SEM has been a great learning experience and always keeps me on my toes.